Great opportunities for tyre assemblers in Belgium!


Poles often emigrate for work to other countries, one of them is Belgium, which is a very attractive job destination. It is a small country located between the Netherlands and France, it is still struggling with a lack of specialists in various industries. One of these is the automotive industry. Belgian car mechanics workshops are looking for thousands of qualified specialists. When looking for a job, it’s worth working as a tyre assembler for seasonal tire changing. Higher earnings and the opportunity to work in renowned workshops and gain work experience on the latest machines are just the beginning of the benefits of a trip to Belgium.

Huge demand for tyre fitters

Belgium is a very small country, which is distinguished by good economic infrastructure. This can be seen not only by traveling around beautiful Belgian cities, but also by visiting modern car workshops. Despite technological excellence, a significant staff shortage can be observed in this industry. This is a chance for thousands of people who have experience in the automotive industry. Such specialists will have a chance to work in vehicle mechanics factories in Brussels, Waregem, Gent, Lochristi, Herent, Zemst, Aartselaar and Antwerp. Link2europe sp.z o.o. has a very wide network of business contacts and a rich 12 years’ experience, which allows them to find very good vacancies, which will not only be well paid, but also interesting and developing thanks to working on machines, among others as Butler HP, Redats, Corghi, Ranger, Hofmann. When it comes to the tyre assemblers, they are particularly needed to perform comprehensive services such as wheel balancing, tire inflation, tire changes, visual tire inspection, or, in the case of extensive, documented experience, to carry out technical inspections, fluid replacements and filters.

Work with a reputable employment agency

If you want to work longer or seasonally, as a tyre assembler, use the help of employment agencies. This guarantees stability of employment and certainty that you will be employed on Belgian conditions, where all social allowances in the form of food vouchers and payment of holiday allowances will be calculated. For many people, stress related to working abroad is paralyzing. A huge benefit of employment through an employment agency is native-language service. Link2europe provides help in such a situation and resolves any doubts or other situations in the native language.

Belgium: work, visit, taste …

Work is one aspect of a trip to Belgium. Another important reason for recommending this workplace is its beauty. The capital of the European Union Brussels, Antwerp, Gendawa, together with its monuments and beautiful architecture, zoological parks are just a few beautiful places that are worth visiting and seeing. The third, if not the most important, aspect of a trip to Belgium is great cuisine that mixes many rich flavors. And who, if not us, Poles like to eat well and taste good beer. This is a paradise for beer lovers and gourmets of excellent cuisine.