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This is the new version of Us

We are pleased to announce that after 14 years of existence, we have changed the name of our agency from Link2europe to Link2work. Our reorganization is due to a change in the ownership structure of the company. Therefore, only the name and e-mail address have changed, while all other data remains unchanged. This evolution of […]


Corona Crisis in Belgium

The beginning The Corona crisis appeared at the worst possible moment for our company. The tire change season was about to begin and we were expecting 60 tire fitters to arrive in the second half of March. Everything was buttoned up. Several fitters arrived and started to work in the second week of March before […]


Belgians agree to differ: where do Flemings and Walloons diverge?

It’s more than the language that sets Flemings and Walloons apart. When you first move to Belgium, it might be interesting to learn a thing or two about the peaceful boundary between the regions of Flanders and Wallonia. You will find it easier to live and work among both groups once you know their particularities. […]


Great opportunities for tyre assemblers in Belgium!

Poles often emigrate for work to other countries, one of them is Belgium, which is a very attractive job destination. It is a small country located between the Netherlands and France, it is still struggling with a lack of specialists in various industries. One of these is the automotive industry. Belgian car mechanics workshops are […]


Hospitals in Belgium: what to expect?

Ending up in a hospital bed while you are abroad can be quite upsetting. It’s better to know in advance where you can go to find the right help, what it will cost you, and what else you can expect. Whether you need standard medical treatment or emergency assistance, this information could be lifesaving. Choosing […]


What makes a good CV and how to nail a job interview

When it comes to finding a job in Belgium, it’s all about first impressions. You definitely want your resume to stand out and open the door for a job interview. In today’s job market it is vital to know how to ‘sell’ yourself. Easier said than done, right? These useful tips will help get you […]


Getting to Belgium: comparing your transportation options

Finding your way to Belgium is far from a trek through Nepal. But before moving here, it’s important to explore the many roads to the nation of waffles, Trappist beer and great career opportunities. From plane and train to automobile, you have plenty of options – and we explore their ins and outs in this […]


Public holidays and paid leave in Belgium: what, when, and how

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That’s why, as a worker in Belgium, you are entitled to different types of paid leave, including numerous public holidays. Here’s what you can expect, so you can schedule your time off as efficiently as possible. Public holidays in Belgium Belgium has 10 public holidays […]


6 things every foreigner should know about Belgians

What’s to know? They eat fries all day long, have beer running through their veins and love to watch cycling on the weekends. Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye. When living in Belgium, it’s helpful to keep these 6 things in mind. 1. Take your time Belgian people are notoriously known for […]