This is the new version of Us


We are pleased to announce that after 14 years of existence, we have changed the name of our agency from Link2europe to Link2work. Our reorganization is due to a change in the ownership structure of the company.

Therefore, only the name and e-mail address have changed, while all other data remains unchanged.

This evolution of the company means a new brand, which we create and proudly present as a company under the name Link2work. 

From now on, you can find the jobs you are interested in faster. The new search engine is available on every page and subpage, and you can easily find an offer for a specific job position in the country of your choice.

As always, you can apply for a position quickly and efficiently by filling in a contact form or by applying without a CV.

When looking for a job abroad from now on, you have a page dedicated to jobs in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The recommendation system, on the other hand, is an offer of additional earnings for people who want to recommend their friends for work.

For those wishing to start cooperating with us, we have created a special subpage “For employers”, which makes it easier to contact us via the form provided.

We are convinced that there are many more advantages than those mentioned in this article, and we want you to see for yourself‼